This is a 1.5-hour geemap workshop I presented at the GeoPython Conference 2021. This workshop gives a brief introduction to Google Earth Engine and some key features of the geemap Python package.


geopython conference

I am migrating my blog from Medium to hashnode, a very developer-friendly platform. I love being able to write blogs using markdown and auto-backup on GitHub. This Medium blog will no longer be updated. Please visit my new blog via the link below. Thank you.

WhiteboxTools v1.3.1 with 443 tools for geospatial analysis has been released by Dr. John Lindsay. Check out WhiteboxTools and its frontends, including python, R, ArcGIS, and QGIS.






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This tutorial shows you how to create an interactive Earth Engine App for creating Landsat timelapse. You can also deploy the app to heroku so that anyone can open the app to create and download Landsat timelapse without coding.





This tutorial shows you how to create and deploy Earth Engine Apps using Python. More specifically, Earth Engine Apps can be created using existing Jupyter notebooks and deployed using voila and heroku.





This tutorial shows you load local raster datasets with geemap so that you can visualize local raster datasets with Earth Engine data layers.


This video shows you how to publish interactive Earth Engine maps within Jupyter notebook using just one line of code.

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geemap GitHub repository:

Jupyter notebook for this video:

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The geemap Python package now supports publishing interactive #EarthEngine maps with #Jupyter notebook. Built upon the datapane #Python package.

Notebook example:

The Journal Impact Factor of 2020, based on the Journal Citation Reports 2019 (JCR), have been released by Clarivate Analytics.

You can check it on Web of Science.

I sorted out some journals related to Remote Sensing, Geography, Hydrology, and Wetlands. You can download my sorted list HERE. Note that this is only my personal classification. My apologies if some of your preferred journals are not on the list here.

Keep in mind that journal impact factor is just one metrics, so don’t take it too seriously!

Qiusheng Wu

Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Tennessee. Personal website:

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